Resident admission to the Masonic Home of Florida is a very simple process. A Master Mason in good standing, and his wife or widow, may make application to the Masonic Home by simply contacting his home Blue Lodge. The Lodge will contact the District Deputy Grand Master, and he will help and assist with the application, documentation and letters for submission to the Masonic Home. The application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and General Counsel, and will be accepted or declined, based upon the type of care applied for by the applicant.

Admission to the Masonic Home of Florida is available in two primary programs, as described below.

Masonic Home of Florida Admission Chart

Life Care Plan

This traditional plan, also known as Fraternal Care, is available to any Master Mason who becomes a member of a Florida Lodge prior to the age of 70. He must be a member in good standing of a Florida Lodge for at least ten years and continually for the last three. The wife or widow of a Master Mason is eligible for residency based on his membership. Under the Life Care Plan, assets owned by the Resident such as property, bank accounts, stocks, social security, pensions, etc., are deposited with the Masonic Home. These assets are then converted to cash to establish a Resident Maintenance account. Each month, this account is debited to cover the cost of care. Residents retain 10% of any liquid assets, initially and subsequently, in excess of $10,000 for personal use. When assets are exhausted, the Masonic Home continues to provide care throughout the lifetime of the Resident regardless of his/her ability to pay.

Life Care


Private Pay Care

In May 2005, the Grand Lodge of Florida approved Private Pay admissions for Florida and non-Florida Masons. This plan provides an opportunity for Florida and non-Florida Master Masons, their wives or widows, parents, and members of the Order of Eastern Star to retain control of their assets while enjoying all the Masonic Home has to offer. Residents pay a monthly fee for Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing care. Most services are included except medication. For couples entering the Masonic Home, the first person pays this monthly fee and the second person fee is approximately $1800* monthly. Applicants for Pay As You Go should get in touch with the Masonic Home directly to schedule a private tour, and to begin the admission process.

Private Pay Care